To demand? or Not to demand?

We decided to part ways, again, when we realized that we are demanding to much from each other. That is, I wanted him to be emotionally responsible and Mr. Married Man wanted me to need him less.In a normal relationship, lovers have the right to demand.

In a normal relationship a man should be emotionally responsible. In a normal relationship a man cannot ask a woman to need him less. BUT normal is not the kind of relationship we have and these kinds of demands are not allowed. In the first place we should not demand from our married partner, we should know better. We may however stress our point why, in my case, need him to be emotionally responsible WHEN I need him to, but we should be ready for what ever his response may be.

Remember that wives demand and mistresses demand less.

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  1. i am feeling emotionally drained and i really want to stop this, i am tired of this role, i am tired of living and sleeping alone, i am tired of eating alone and tired of crying alone. i am tired of being lonely…

    Do i have ANY rights? any right at all?

    i think i will talk to him straightly this time that either he marries me or he leaves me he cant have me as a mistress any more,i have decided so many times to confront him but when ever he comes in front of me i fear hurting me and i don’t say anything i don’t want to cause pain to him but i don’t want live like this…. . …i am a loser.. a loser to my own emotions..

    i feel like an emotional fool in the practical world….the person who uses the brain but looses the battle with the heart… which means a loser in practical world. i live in dreams and imaginary world of fairyland…lost in the fantasies..though i know the consequences.

    oh God how much i want to stop this how much i want to stop the guilt …i wish i could i just wish i could…

    i feel like i am dying inside, this love of mistress is a slow poison, kills oneself and damages the surroundings…

    Please help me save this destruction ….

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