You don’t trust me..

Our biggest issue is TRUST.

I have to admit that I trust him less because I feel that if he can lie to his wife why can he not lie to me?

Why can he not lie about where he really is at night, or day, when he is not with me?

Why can he not lie about who he’s with?

Why can he not lie about flirting with others?

Why can he not lie about who is flirting with him?

He has been used to lying. I, a mistress, contributes to his being almost perfect with it and that is my issue. Is he also lying to me?

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  1. does he lie to you? OF COURSE!

  2. This is a common misunderstanding on the part of the No. 2 woman. She thinks that if the man is capable of cheating No. 1 to go to No.2 that it is just a matter of getting No. 3.

    That is wrong.

    Almost all guys stop at No. 2. It is seldom that he moves to No. 3 or No. 4.

    Why? For the guy, No. 2 isn’t just a number after No. 1.. For the guy, there is no expectation of a next No. 3.

    For the guy, he find a new love which is No. 2. He finds a friend, he finds soul mate. He finds an erotic partner in No. 2.

    Again, it is not common for the guy to move on to No. 3.

    The guys loves No. 2, that’s why he cheated on No. 1. It is not automatic that he will love another No. 3.

    If you don’t believe me, look around… and count how many guys stop at No. 2.

  3. I appreciate your sharing your view about this post.

    You know my MM told me the same thing, when I told him that this is an issue for me and that I’m bothered by it. MM said something to this effect “Having you is enough. I sometimes cannot keep up with you. Having you is tough to keep/maintain and you are thinking of me having another one? There is no other woman aside from you.”

    I was greatful to hear that but in my mind i say “but you still flirt with other people don’t you?” – I did not bother to say that.

    I wish you love!

  4. NO…. he will never lie to you… a man seldom opens his heart to his wife….but he opens up everthing for the lady love…..a man never kept something intimate from the mistress. she is his refuge… he felt vulnerable but comfortable to show her his weaknesses…..with her he is sexually physically and emo0tionally secure because there really is no pressure and much expectations to live up to….and the only responsibility of the man is keeping a happy and satisfied lover….

  5. I think that cheating the first time is the hardest; after that, if someone wants to cheat again, it becomes easier to move on to #3, etc…


  7. I think it depends on how you perceive your relationship with your partner. I once told my partner (my MM), what is the guarantee that he won’t be going around looking for someone else – after all he was able to cheat on his wife – his answer was: I cheated on her because I saw something in her that I didn’t like, I cheated on her because I’m not happy but then I got involved with you and then I realized that the person that I have been looking for was you. Of course you would think that there would be someone better than you and you might think that should I be given the chance – I might cheat on you as well, but that would only happen if I am still looking for someone else but I’m no longer looking for one because I have found you. – It maybe cheesy. It may be a sign of naiveness on my part – but what the heck! I choose to believe and so far I think it is safe to safe that: YES I AM NUMBER 2; BUT HE HAS STOPPED AT NUMBER 2 🙂

  8. could he be lying to you?
    well anything is possible really. but why put yourself through all that worrying when your mm hasnt given you any reason to believe there’s a number three. be happy and content that he is with you and you are all there is aside from his family and job.I have come to learn that through insecurity we tend to concoct a multitude of what if this what if that- well, what if not.. do not live for “what if” live.just live -love – trust – until you have reason to believe otherwise-then you won’t need a what if but will just need to decide-if you stay or go.

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