Quench my thirsts

I must say that Mr. Married Man and I are soooo compatible in bed. I always mark my pocket calendar of the days we make love and I must say that sex is getting better and better. To attest to it are my pocket calendars, I have 3 – one for each year of our relationship.

Contrary to what other people say that sex will be less often as the first year of the relationship, ours is different. I count and compare the times we have sex per month per year and gosh we are really getting better hhmmm best in”it”.

Once we went out of town with common friends who do not have a clue about our relationship. During the ride home we were texting each other “I want you” and since we haven’t made love for couple of days we were so excited to get back home. As usual we made an excuse to take a cab together as we live 20 minutes apart but we didn’t as you know went home. We went straight to “the place” were we made great love.

He quenched my thirst for him..

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  1. As I was reading your entry, I can’t help but smile, simply because it reminds me so much of my guy. My partner is my first boyfriend! It’s funny, come to think of it considering that my first boyfriend happened to be a married man. And him being the first, naturally, he was also the one who popped my cherry. I must say that he is very good in bed – I know, I know, some of you might think that how the hell could I say that, considering that I don’t have anyone to compare him with. My answer – I said he was the first one who popped my cherry, I didn’t say I was naïve! Hahaha! Our sex life has been amazing! We learn from one another. We explore and we grow from it. I won’t be a hypocrite – sex is a big part of our relationship, but it isn’t the be all and end all of it.

  2. i must say that if sex is done with the person you love it is always great :)specially in our case were we only get to make love with our married partner when he/she is not with his/her married spouse and it never fails to build the excitement, don’t you agree?

    patrcia, thank you for visiting and sharing in “our” site. visit more often 🙂

  3. hahaha I just thought about my post and realize that our sex is still getting better and better 🙂

    Once he brought me to work and I was feeling a little naughty that time so I asked him to park in the company parking lot under a big tree.

    My MM is not so adventurous but he agreed for a quickie in the back seat of his car. Oh it was great! – hhmmm its one of my sexual fantasies fulfilled 🙂

    I wish you love!

  4. Wow, the more I read the more intrigued I am . I have been seeing my MM for about 4 months, and each month I say I can’t do it any more. Due to moral, time appart and jealusy. However, I keep going back for more. The connection is so real, so strong. I look forward to our laughs, or moments together and especially our love making… I sometimes say to my self. What am I doing. However, I know it can’t be wrong because it feels so right… TORN APART

  5. Hi. I’ve been enjoying your site for a few weeks now.

    I am a married woman and a mistress to a married man. The etiquette post of being a mistress is sooooo true. I have been struggling with trying to figure out if I am having an affair or if I am a mistress to this man. I have been in a very unhappy marriage for the last 9 years. Unhappy, in the sense, that my husband, I believe, is asexual. I, on the other hand, am very sexual. There is no physical touch. I have become emotionally unavailable to men and I believe this relationship works for me because of this.

    I have been involved with this man for 6 months and have only physically seen him a few times (and only two nights together). Each time has been mind blowing and amazing. I connect with him both physically and intellectually. I am completely uninhibited with him sexually and he with me. At first I thought I might love him but then came to the realization that I really love how he makes me feel. He will communicate often and then, for no reason, disappear for two weeks. It used to really annoy me but it has also made it possible for me to keep my heart distant and unavailable to him. I feel confident that over time he will fall in love with me but these feelings will never be reciprocated as I will never trust a man that would tell me he loves me then disappear for long periods of time.

    I have no desire to break up his marriage or have him change his life… I like what I am to him. I love when he comes back around after he “goes into his hole” as he says it. When this happens he calls incessantly and gets concerned that he has lost me forever. It is much along the same lines as the stupid games we played with boys in high school. One he thinks he is winning but never will… he’s the one in the prison he exists in… I am an easy way for him to find some happiness in it all. I have come to the realization that this relationship means nothing and at the same time it is everything as it gives me reason to look forward to someone who desires me.

    I’m hoping that over time I will be able to have some valuable input.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone cheating. I do feel badly for the wives that are married to the men that have affairs. Selfishly, I am seeing someone because I have unfilled needs and two young sons that I love very much. They need their father. My husband is very aware that I am not fulfilled and I live dishonestly because he does not know about this man.

    I live a very clean life outside of my secret… I am a moral woman, good mother. Not in a million years would I have imagined being unfaithful to my husband.

    I have finally found a place where people may actually understand. I am happy for that.

    I am flying to see him next week in NYC. I long to touch him and be touched by him. I will post more upon my return. ~thanks~

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