Missing you..

Now that I have to live outside the city it takes away our time together for quick lunch, breakfast or even hi an hellos.

Just last night I sent him a text message saying “I love him” and I was like in aw when he replied back with “I love you! I want you! I miss you! Can’t wait to see you!”. It was such a great feeling to know these since we were having issues about always being together.

It’s good to prove to myself that absence really makes the heart go fonder.

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  1. im a journalism stude and my chosen topic for our advocacy journalism class is about the “rights” of the mistresses, though there’s quite nothing at all. that’s why out of my symphaty, i’d like to somehow get into this to make some ‘difference’ to other people’s minds.thanks

  2. Aiane thank you for visiting. you are very much welcome to this website. I would wish however that you’ll respect, be fair and not be judgemental about us and our relationship.

    I wish you love!

  3. being back on this site now has just made me realise i miss my mm. haven’t seen him in months. i miss his smile.the way he talks.mhhhh….just everything about him- even when he makes me angry.

  4. i don’t know whats the status of our relationship now. his last text message to me was “its time to end this.. i deserve a nurturing relationship. he does not want my insecurity and jealousy etc..” to be honest he is correct i deserve a real relationship. i deserve security and peace of mind. but why do i miss him so much?! i miss our talks the way he cracks jokes i miss our trips together i miss preparing meals for him i miss watching movies with him i miss shopping with him i miss going to his house and him taking care of me there i miss giving him massages i miss making passionate love with him i miss a lot about him about me about us, the way we used to be.I miss me, I miss him, I miss our relationship.

    I wish myself love.

  5. I can only say – I also wish you love. one thing we need to learn as people is to just love. Love without expectations-Love without demands.just love and let love take care of everything else.

    I received a call from my MM today.. You should have seen me.. I was the picture of a child who’s been promised ice cream and now finally he receives it. My heart skipped a couple of beats. I missed him more. We might be meeting for lunch sometime this week, I am not holding my breath-if it happens it would be great-if not that’s also fine.

  6. msladymistress,

    I am just entering this secret world of love with a MM.
    We have not actually consummated this relationship, but it has been somewhat physical. I have to deal with him currently on a professional level. This is how we met.
    He lives out of town, and is up all week for business. He is at home on weekends. I miss him very much when he is home. We do not communicate during this time. I have now known him for approximately 3 1/2 mos. It will be within the next month more than likely that our business relations will end. That is part of the reason I tell him I do not want to go any further until that is behind us. Business and pleasure….does that ever mix? idk? I heard it doesn’t. I am currently married too. Very unhappy in this marriage. Husband has changed so much.
    Any advise for me?? Anyone….? Should I run from this??
    I DO wish you love. I wish it for all.

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