last minute emergency

I’ve just finished a 20 minute phone call with Mr. Married Man. He was checking up on me, on how I am and how my weekend is since we didn’t see each other this weekend as previously planned.

Mr. Married Man on his own words said “I miss you being near (referring to my house) for last minute emergency”. I was like what? he just needs me for emergency? BUT I knew what he mean. All the lying to his wife, family and friends is taking a stall on him, he can’t keep up to it. I really don’t know how to respond to it but say “I’m sorry”.

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  1. Hello,

    I love your journal. It’s nice to find someone who will not judge me.

    I keep trying to find advice on what to do, but everyone says I’m wrong.

    There is a married man at work who I am falling in love with. I feel a deep connection with him, and I feel like it might be mutual, the way he looks at me and talks to me. My question is, how do I communicate to him in a subtle way that I want to be with him?

  2. Hello Needs Help!

    I hope this gets to you on time. My apologies for this so late a reply.

    Everyone is correct. You are wrong. Do not throw yourself in this kind of relationship when you have options.

    Do realize that man, more often than not will just take you if you are a willing prey. So do not make a mistake of being a willing prey because chances are MM will slaughter your being without you knowing it.

    Read the Etiquette for mistresses, are you willing to become this? Focus your attention to other people and your work where you will get more benefits from.

    For all other women, I do not encourage that you be a mistressb.

    For those who already are mistresses, let’s use this site to support each others ordeal and cheer on our successes.

    I wish you love! (in your case needs help, I wish you love with a single man!)

  3. i am lost..

    i love him (of course MM) madly, he loves me too (well says that he does and it even shows by the way he cares for me), but past few months i have seen things on his ph and in his emails which are disturbing me.

    i really need advice… do men look for change all the time? do they take women as a challenge? or they go out to prove that though they are married they can get any girl they want? is this how this all happens?

    i saw sent message on his ph which were not for me neither for his wife, i saw sent mails in his emails which were not for me neither for his wife and not even for the person he sent text for….is he fooling everyone or is he fooling himself? or is it just a passing flirt with other women for the sake of fun?

    his relationship with me is serious but can those emails and text flirt also turn into serious relationship?

    i guess its my mistake for being inquisitive and curious that i searched his mails and his ph…the less you know the better..

    but i am really disappointed cause i thought i was his best friend and he would share every thing with me…. i thought i gave him enough peace and love that he would not want anyone else…

    i was wrong….

    please advice how to handle this situation.

  4. I have just stumbled across this site. I knew my MM twenty years ago. We initially fell for each other then but work comittments sent us to opposite continents. Time passed and the communication ceased. I recently got the courage to get in touch again. He is married (for over ten years) and has a demanding career. We have both fallen very hard and very fast for each other all over again. Its a desperate clinging love but I know that he will never hurt/leave his wife. She is sick. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I know its wrong but he is like a drug. I cannot walk away from him. I have found my soul mate but my heart breaks for the fact he belongs to another. I know it is hurting him too. We want to be together but can’t. In truth i don’t know where the relationship will go or for how long. All I can say is that I am living each day with what seems like a mixture of deep love and pain. I used to think mistresses were to be scorned at. How wrong and ignorant I was.

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