Mistress meets the Wife and Son

Meeting my MM’s wife came in to early in the relationship. We were just on our 8th month when an expected but very painful lost happened. However unfortunate, that paved the way of my meeting everyone in his life including his wife.

I knew better. I knew who I am in his life, I knew where I stand and I knew I wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardize our separate lives. So when I went, I came with our common friends and my best friend who is the only person who knows about us for support just in case.

However prepared I was, I still felt so nervous even if I psyched myself that I am a friend and I should not be affected or react to whatever might happen or whoever was there. That was why I’m relived that it was only MM and his sister who were there that morning, yet.

MM and I were in constant communication and knowing everything that happened/is happening made me feel more for him and his lost as if I lost a”real”father-in-law.

Although I was successful being in my behavior trying not to give any hints that MM and I have something going on, I still can’t help but feel the ackwardness in the air. Specially when all of a sudden MM’s wife came in with her side of the family, mom, sisters and MM’s son.

MM greeted his wife with a smack on the lips which I think was just right but I cannot deny that I felt jealous and there was a tiny ouch I felt in my heart but still I remained composed and instead focused my attention to his son who was playing with his toy car.

MM’s son looks very much like his father. He has a lovable face and sweet pouting lips I can’t help but smile seeing him in person.

Then it was time for us to go. I came up to his father and said my prayers when MM’s son grabbed my hand and gestured that I carry him, with MM beside us with a smile on his face.

I love kids specially when the kid is by loving MM’s only son. So when he, son, gestured that I carry him by all means I did and as soon as I lifted him he immediately embraced me put his head on my shoulders and rubbed my back/sqeeze my arms as if saying he approves of me and that he knew I genuinely love his father (all of these with MM beside us, his wife and God knows everyone is looking probably including MM’s father). Despite the ackwardness I felt great more so when MM told me and everyone else that his son rarely go with/to others and that his son might have liked me a lot to even ask me to carry him.

I can say that it was a pleasant meeting them, MM’s sister, in-laws, wife and son. I must also say that I’m proud to have seen his father too, may he rest in peace.

– To fellow mistresses, have you ever met your MM’s wife?

I wish you love!

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  1. I totally admire your MM’s wife for being so composed and for not having created a scene when you came.

  2. My MM’s wife is clueless about us then and until now. That is how careful we are.

  3. “Its complicated” – perhaps one of the most abused phrases in the english language.

    …you see, all characters in my story know each other…MM, MW, MM’s wife, MW’s husband, children, friends and even family.

    sometimes the complexity of this affair consumes and wears me away and it really takes a great deal of effort not to be found out.

    I(MM), am in love with her(MW)…..sigh*

  4. I have met my partner’s wife! But unlike your story, mine was a tale comparable to stories written for a drama script meant to be shown in TV. Hahaha! Well, at least I could laugh about it now…My partner and I have always been very careful to ensure that his wife would not know about us. But just like any well kept secret – we came to a point that we got caught….technically.

    My parter has a different phone (unit not just the mobile number) that he uses to get in touch with me. In one instance he forgot to charge his phone, thus he had no choice but to use his other phone (the one that his wife knows about) to get in touch with me. Maybe it was a lapse of judgment or maybe just plain stupidity on our part…he forgot to erase the sent items intended for me.

    To make the long story short, the wife found out, questioned him, but he didn’t give in. But the wife was one step ahead of him…she sent herself a text message, claiming that it was from me and I was admitting that I was indeed having an extra marital affair with her husband – my partner, the poor guy, thought I gave in from the pestering powers of his wife thus I gladly gave her a confession. Hahahaha! How pathetic…to think that he would actually think that I would have given him up to the lions!

    The next day, I couldn’t get hold of my partner, the next thing I knew…he came by to the office, asked me if he could talk to me privately and before we stepped out of my office building he uttered the words – I’m sorry….that’s when I knew something wasn’t right.

    And call it woman’s intuition – out of the blue the wife came up to me and my partner said – “Patricia…I’m sorry, my wife and I had talked about this and we both agreed to fix our family. I only came here today to tell you that it’s over.”

    It felt like my body was there but it’s as if I wasn’t a part of the scene…it was like a scene right out of a movie. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I just stood there and said – “my goodness, you didn’t even had the decency to tell this to me alone, you actually had to bring your wife along!”

    The wife wanted to make a scene but I wasn’t the type to create nor to participate in one. No hair pulling, no exchange of bad words – it was just as it was. Then they walked away. I was left standing in there for I don’t know how long. I just knew that if I moved I might fall down and start crying. Just as I was about to go back inside my building,my partner came back, gave me his handkerchief and said under his breath…please wait for my call tomorrow, I’m sorry, please trust me.

    I cried myself to sleep that day, but a part of me was still hopeful because of what he told me, true enough he called me the next day and told me to wait for a few days because he wants to explain, he just can’t come to me just yet because the wife doesn’t allow him to go anywhere without her. Maybe I was at my lowest or maybe I just loved him too much that I would do anything he told me to ensure that I would be given a chance to be with him in any way I can…

    True enough…two days after (although we continued to have daily conversations over the phone)he came over to our place and told me that he had no intentions of calling it quits with me, it was just that because he thought I had admitted to the wife everything he had no choice but to tell her the truth. But he only wanted her to believe that he was calling it quits with me that is why he brought her along that day. And he didn’t tell it to me because he wanted to make sure that the reaction that I would be giving them was the real deal. Maybe I was naive or maybe I just wanted to believe him, but I accepted his explanation.

    Nowadays we are still very much together – for a year and 8 months to be exact. There are still days that I am afraid that he might show up on my doorstep again and tell me that it’s over and maybe this time it will be for good. But then again, I don’t want to dwell on that idea too much. I want to focus on the possibility of us making things happen for us. Just last week her wife had another episode of “doubting him” and this time she decided to take his daughter with her…I was so afraid that it might trigger him to call it quits with me because he suddenly got a glimpse of what it would be like if he walks out on his family (we have already set a time frame as to when this will happen)…so I bravely asked him: having that glimpse are you still willing to be with me and continue on with our plans? As they say when you are brave enough to ask those questions, one should be brave enough to hear the answers…I wasn’t so sure if I was but I had to know, I want to save myself from more pain in the future and so I held my breath and waited for his reply…and all he said was: “don’t be afraid, I had a glimpse of them leaving and it didn’t bother me, I didn’t even looked for them, but when I had a glimpse of not having you, I knew that I wouldn’t want to ever experience it again”….which made me think, could it be a real happy ending for us? I sure hope it is….

  5. sweetheart #1 this man is married i understand that you had gotten caught up with him and fell in love, but this man has a wife and a family you need to leave him alone and go on with your life. your years are pasting by you soon of the later your going to look up and see that this man is still telling you the same story or still home with his family back off baby don’t waste your time on something that belongs to some one else.

  6. Okay, Becky – Have you ever been in this situation? You say back off like its that easy. I dont know if your only referring to one situation or all. However, the connection is so strong. What your saying is easier said then done!!!!!. Also you say he belongs to some one else? What does that mean to you, can you explain? Me personally, I toggle back and forth regarding moving on and letting go and I have not been sucessfull. Not sure how hard I have tried. I keep rationalizing the situation try to understand what is my payoff. To no avail….. TORN APART.

  7. Becky, thank you for sharing your 2cents about us and our relationships. Believe you me, when I say that most of us have tried but love still prevails. I wish that you will never be in our situation to know how difficult our lives are. If its that easy to leave we have done so long time ago. Remember that its not only the MM, MM’s wife or family who is torned here, we, mistresses, are too. We all take risks here and the consiquences are equally great.

  8. yes, i have met her and hear her voice almost daily….

    imagine his wife calling you daily more than once and asks you to put him on phone where you hear him say “Hi Honey!!” too sweet right?? kills me inside…well actually i left my job for him and am helping him in his business, so i come over to his office daily and we pretend the whole day as boss and employee…tough game. the reason behind this is that as i have also left my family for him, i live alone now and living alone drives me crazy, and on top of it all, he does not says no but knowing him i know he would not like m to work for someone else, will kill him inside that he being so well off and his girl works for a mere office. very complex situation…

    anyways so it happens that i end up often answering his office ph where his wife calls up regularly (not because she misses him so much but to just keep a check on him 😐 ), and how i feel you cant imagine. at that particular moment all the emotions like guilt, jealousy, anger, self pity, hate and love unite together to shake my existence.

    about meeting her. well, it was his birthday and i had arranged a small party for him in his office, his wife got very upset as she is a suspicious type, said things like oh so you go to office for partying and all that. now as i have told you the way we meet daily in his office, we usually wait till end of the day till all the staff is gone for our personal time. that day too we were alone and there she came as his office and home are at walking distance(RAID!). well we were sitting far apart and were just talking sweet which she could not hear so we were not caught. but for his wife even this was too much that we were alone in office till 7:00 pm 🙂 … Women!! ;)(i would like to add that these are the suspicious type of women who make their man actually do what they would not do in normal case).

    so that was my meeting with her.

    As for his son, i have met him a couple of times as he came to office with his dad and no i am not exaggerating but i really feel emotionally attach to him because he is HIS son, he is my man’s son. and i feel close to the kid.

    oh how much i want to give that kid some siblings. (my man love kids but has just one son as he does not wants to expand his family with his wife because of many reasons which include their personal relationship…does that explains why i came into the picture? )

    its great to meet our MM’s children trust me but its not easy to meet their wives. you feel like comparing what does she have and i don’t that she has all that i wish for and i cant have. you even start thinking is she more beautiful, and i do not know what…

    i pray high spirit and love to you all as i do understand your emotions.

  9. I love being a mistrss. He sees me only when he wants to, so its always great…the thing that bothers me the most is knowing that innocent people can get hurt..we, him and I did this aware there may be consequenses..others are unavoidably involved if the big secret comes out!
    Sex is great.. conversation is beyond expectation and when i want to be alone…or go away somewhere he may not enjoy.. its good….there are so many obligatory relationships today…money…kids…family…responsibilities…just plain guilt, if you meet someone that seems to bring goog and happiness to your life and they feel the same way…I dont understand why that is bad..it makes his home life better and he is happier..in the bible people were not monagomus..they even agreed to have sex with other partners to bear children. My family knows I date married men, i was married once very young have a child that is the best thing in my life she is now 23, i want freedom, companionship, no strings, friendship, love passion, i want to be one of the boys, i want hot unbridled passion…who is married and after 5 years has those things.. the time you are not together is great the holidays are full of family pressures and oblgation…that relationship is always your safe haven…nothing is perfect but being a mistress is close

  10. Oh please!!! You are all just lonely women!! If he doesnt leave within 6months to a year then he aint eva going to. What sort of relationship is built on lies and secrecy? If you got ‘your’ man will you eva be truly happy? Trust people by what they do and not what they say. You do not need a man to validate you and you definatly do not need a married one.

    Ask yourself this-what makes you so special?

    Does he say that he would never do the things he is doing to his wife cos your special. His wife btw who he proclaimed his love for in front of friends and family.

    PS im neither a wife or a ow but someone not blinded by infatuation.1

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