Is this the end?

I just wanna share that I’m so lonely. I’m crying as I am writing this but I can’t put my feelings into words. What’s happening now might be the end of our relationship.

I wish myself love. I wish you fellow mistresses more love and please learn from my mistakes (learn the art of demanding subtly).

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  1. I just found your site today and have been reading your posts as well as the comments posted. I’m so much in the the same boat as many here; perhaps I’m even in deeper but don’t want to go into that here right now. I just wanted to send you hugs after reading this post. The end is very hard and harder when you can’t really deal with it out in the open. I worry about the end every day.

  2. Msladymistress…..i really wish youlove. I hope that you maybe able to find happiness and strenght to surpass this hardship that you are currently going thorugh with your mm. I hope that through my words you could feel the concern and comfort just like what you have given me through this site. I wish youlove 🙂

  3. just reading your words make me feel weak and chill runs down my spine. is this how it is suppose to end for all of us? i cant imagine getting apart from him.

    i wish you love and care and i hope its just one of those bad times and all will be fine again for you.

  4. i hope that things between you and your mm work out. Sometimes we get so wrapped up that we need to give ourselves some space. Give it a few days and i bet you he will be calling you. I wish you the best…xoxo

  5. Lady Mistress- how are you? have you been able to talk to your mm?

  6. lady mistress, how are you doing? coping? are you ok ? I tell myself everyday I should talk to my MM but then in the same thought I say but how can I live with out him?

    There is a reason why he has me around, and I have to remind myself of that very thing…. I have found a book called just sex by susan kay law.. it is really about us all…I wish you love….

    good luck lady mistress, and I hope you are well, and will visit us again soon with your words of wisdom.
    until then

  7. she endured 5 years with me, the love and primal passion never waned but she finally had to seek her own happiness. she is already with someone else and he is so decidedly unimpressive and of course I see them everywhere. I know we are meant to be somehow, someway someday. She is everything. I just wish we would have met earlier. its so tough to leave a 4 year old little girl. she will define what she likes in a man based on my actions. My mistress should be my wife and i will forever mourn her loss. It hurts so unspeakably bad. I am so deeply in love with her. No one else has nor will ever compare and I blew it. Blew the ultimate most pure gift of love.

  8. How very difficult to let something so beautiful go. Life has such unfairness, doesn’t it? If you are doing what you feel is right for those you love, then you should have no regrets. As someone special to me once said, “Doing the right thing, doesn’t always feel good.”
    And when we parted, I understood the meaning.

  9. mm did you think that she would wait forever? she stood there waiting for 5 years. How much longer was she suppose to wait? Did you tell her how you felt before she moved on? Do you ever regret how things turned out?

  10. How very difficult to let something so beautiful go. Life has such unfairness, doesn’t it? If you are doing what you feel is right for those you love, then you should have no regrets. As someone special to me once said, “Doing the right thing, doesn’t always feel good.”
    And when we parted, I understood the meaning.

  11. just ended (i think…i seem to have ended it many times, but he never accepts it) four years with mm, and am feeling very much the same way. it’s unbelievable, and heartbreaking. i have never felt heartache like this in my life…and there is no one i can talk to about this because everyone thinks this sort of relationship is evil…i don’t want to hear all of that nonsense about what a two timing jerk her is. i know i need to heal, but want so badly for him to “not accept it” again, although i think his time, he accepts it. he says he wants me to be happy and he will accept, but, i;m not happy…

  12. Love heals all things..

    I know just how you feel.. 3 years is a lot of time.. I am lost and struggling just out of a 5 month relationship with a married man. It still hurts even when I’m trying so hard to be rational.

    Some words I mailed him after…

    “… Thank you. You have made me see how much love I can give and I have proven to myself that love does heal all things.

    This has also shown me how much pain I can forgive and forget. I forgive myself for letting myself fall for you and I hope you forgive yourself too. I forgive you for hurting me. But I hope you’d forgive me for hurting you and your family life…”

    I really do love the man a lot… So much so that I let all my inhibitions go.

  13. I read this and can hardly believe it – what pathetic individuals! How can you romanticise something that starts in such an ugly way – you of course will deny that…it’s your “one true love” right? Well – I suggest you see a therapist or read some psych books about cheaters and people who have affairs – there are the same “patterns” and reasons constantly coming up- and let me tell you, it is often not about the “great love” you would like to think. Selfishness on all sides is what I would sum it up as.
    Have some self respect and stop thinking that these “relationships” are ok/normal/special….what a load of garbage. Why do you come on this site – to feel ok about the crappy cheating lives you lead – about being someone’s sloppy seconds? I don;t get it?

  14. i came across your website while looking up julie yap daza’s book (etiquette for mistresses). Its very gratifying to know that I am not alone in my to leave my MM. I have been with him for almost two years and our relationship has never been stronger. However, I know that he will never leave his family and I really want a chance to find my own man. It really hurts to leave him…

  15. I stumbled on your site and I hope you know your posts helped me a lot. I’m married to a wonderful husband but I am falling in love with a MM whom I dated briefly when I was young. We’ve been in touch and are flirting a lot lately and I never told him once how much I love him. Long story short, I am willing to be the OW but it’s too confusing between us right. Your posts strike a chord to what I’m feeling right now.

    I hope you’re doing well. I’m in so much pain because I miss him so much but he doesn’t know that. Thanks for sharing with us.

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