Love.. Lost.. Love Again

– hello everyone! im back!

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Is this the end?

I just wanna share that I’m so lonely. I’m crying as I am writing this but I can’t put my feelings into words. What’s happening now might be the end of our relationship.

I wish myself love. I wish you fellow mistresses more love and please learn from my mistakes (learn the art of demanding subtly).

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Mistresses, be strong

It is overwhelming to read your posts in our, mistresses, site. Honestly sometimes I do not know how to answer back because in as much as I am very much a mistress and still into this relationship, I do not want to encourage other women or men to pursue being a mistress but neither would I want to discourage women or men to love and be loved, unfortunately with a married partner.
I appreciate your posts and I will do my best to answer asap but if there is one thing I want to share that is, be strong. We choose to love a married partner, we choose to be in this relationship, we choose to suffer all consequences, so be strong.

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Missing you..

Now that I have to live outside the city it takes away our time together for quick lunch, breakfast or even hi an hellos.

Just last night I sent him a text message saying “I love him” and I was like in aw when he replied back with “I love you! I want you! I miss you! Can’t wait to see you!”. It was such a great feeling to know these since we were having issues about always being together.

It’s good to prove to myself that absence really makes the heart go fonder.

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Our Love Affair

Nat King Cole
– words by Harold Adamson and Leo McCarey, music by Harry Warren

Our love affair is a wondrous thing
That we’ll rejoice in remembering
Our love was born with our first embrace
And a page was torn out of time and space

Our love affair, may it always be
A flame to burn through eternity
So take my hand with a fervent prayer
That we may live and we may share
A love affair to remember

this song never fails to water my eyes. i love my man, he loves me (much to his guilt, he said). 

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I love you so much!

“I love you so much!” I once said to him, he replied by “Not too much”.

This is true. We mistresses should not love our partners too much. We should leave something for ourselves. So when the time comes that you and him must separate ways and call it quits even if it hurts it won’t hurt as much.

I love you! – That is enough.

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